Friday, 2 September 2011

Museum Piece

Yesterday I went to South Kensington to pick up one of Rash's Buchla modules and his 6 module boat which I am buying. More on that later. While I was in S. Ken I payed a flying visit to the Science Museum, and was quite pleased I did because they've got a few things that caught my eye. For example one of those weird Cray computers with a built-in sofa. A VCS3 behind glass. Some more really big computers. And Daphney Oram's original Oramics machine. So I set some vid I took to one of her pieces of music which is called Fanfare of Graphs

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Boards of Canada

Look at this beautiful film that Dan showed me on the National Film Board of Canada website. It's called Universe, and is an amazing vision of everything ever, from 1960. What is interesting is how accurate the representations are of the then observable heavens, but how wrong they visualised earth from space - sort of a greyed out blurry blob. Enjoy the music of the spheres...

Word of the Week #22

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Dilapidated Office

I often walk past this amazing office building which has been empty for as long as I have been here (7 years). It would make a really great studio complex! Why is it left empty right in the heart of Shoreditch? Whats wrong with the owner?

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

ARP Book

When I was visiting Rash and his Buchla, I spotted a synth-book on his bookshelf that I had never heard of before. He very kindly lent it to me which is great because it is a thorough workout on the ARP Odyssey, much in the same way as Roland's The Synthesizer is with the 100M. Its full of examples and patch ideas with diagrams of the Odyssey's panel settings. Should be fun! Click on the front cover for a larger version. I love the design, it matches the later Arp products

Monday, 29 August 2011

Electric Lasso

Me and Big Al set up another lissajous curve thing on the oscilloscope and the Moog Modular. I love doing these things, they are so beautiful. This was our most difficult one to date, involving two oscillators, one square tuned an octave below the other sine wave. Then the sine was sent to a VCA and the square was modulating it. Then that signal was sent to a delay module so it could be set 90 degrees out of phase. Or something. I got a bit lost to be honest but Al knew what he was doing...

Me At Work

Heres a picture that Natalie took the other day of me working the controls, and thats Phil in the background