Sunday, 12 May 2019


I just got a vintage Akai ME20A MIDI Arpeggiator (from 1985) and here are my first tests with it. Its great! Its more like a basic note sequencer, as it will record whatever notes you play in and then replay them at its internal clock. But it will also arpeggiate held chords, but not in real time like a normal arpeggiator, you have to load the chords in first. Also there is no external clock sync, so to integrate this thing into a larger system would mean recording the MIDI data into the computer sequencer and using that as an editor and clock source for other devices

The synth is the mighty Sequential Prophet T8 - velvety and lush. The Effects are various Roland 80s rack units, the DEP5, SRV2000 and SDE3000

And yes, I am wearing a velour tracksuit today


And also John and Robin were in the studio this week (and at the seaside). GOOOOD!

Word of the Week #82


Its been a busy few weeks in the studio - here is us lot wrangling around last week:

Native Foundation

I was very honoured to be asked by none other than Michelle Moog-Koussa, daughter of Bob Moog, and director the the Bob Moog Foundation, to contribute some sound samples to a new Native Instruments PLAY SERIES sample-based instrument from some of my vintage modular systems. So I spent some time PATCHING (linked here) and sent them over. Well its ready for use now so go ahead and make some noise, 50% of profits go to the BMF, "Its for charity.."

Monday, 29 April 2019

Pantribal Sodality

I have finally finished my 200 cabinet (for now - I think I want to add a few more modules at some point but this is enough to be getting on with)

Modules: 208r Stored Program Sound Source, 218r Touch Keyboard Controller, 281r Quad Function Generator, 261e Complex Waveform Generator, 248r Multiple Arbitrary Function Generator + Expander, 124b Patchboard / Power Switch, 277r Signal Delay Unit, 257r Dual Voltage Processor

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Buchla Belle

Just because. The Buchla 100 system owned by Studio Bell, AKA the Canadian National Music Museum in Calgary. (They have an amazing collection of instruments, including a Synthi 100 and .....TONTO!)

Tuesday, 23 April 2019


Overlaying the EMS VCS3 with the Buchla 200. The VCS3 is being sequenced using two cables that have a jack at one end and a matrix-patch pin at the other. The Moog 3C and Roland 100M were thrown in for good measure..

Sheep Crow

Creep Show are doing a mini UK tour - yay!!

Friday, 19 April 2019

Mod Can Dance

Messing with the Modcan, along with the Serge. First I patched a wave shaped VCO on the Serge Paperface, using the Serge sequencer too. Then it goes over to the Modcan where the clock from the Serge triggers bass drum, snare and percussion sounds. Dance!