Friday, 8 November 2019


All Buchla 200. And self-playing

Patch Notes:
The 259 VCO goes into a Low Pass Gate, which is being controlled by an envelope created on ch2 of the MARF. Ch1 of the MARF controls the pitch and clocks everything. The signal then goes into the 296 Spectral Processor and has separate frequency bands turned on an off by the 281 Function Generator. The 281 is being triggered by various steps of the MARF, providing 4 slow LFOs. There is also a mixer into which the 277 Delay Unit is fed. A few other things are being modulated on the 259 such as the timbre and symmetry

Grid Of Synth - Fader In Shadow

Here is the G-O-S for the Fader album, a (fairly) complete image gallery of all the important synths, drum machines and stuff used during the recording process. Click on the thumbs for larger pix..

Fade In Again

So I am basically catching up with things here - I've been so caught up in work and life that I have failed to update this weblog regarding important news from Memetune Central

I am very proud to announce that the second FADER album came out 2 weeks ago. Its called IN SHADOW

Here is a song from the album:

And click below for a review of the album


I wanted to post some more about the Creepshow tour, as it was such an epic part of the story, so here is a vid of us playing Sensoria and below that is a review of one of the gigs


Friday, 1 November 2019


I got a third dotcom Sequential Switch, so now I can do 48 step sequences. Thats good isn't it? This patch also uses the modified Roland Dr 55 which has drum trigger ins

Creep Pics

And here are some random pictures taken on the road