Saturday, 27 August 2011


I had a great day today. I duetted with a parakeet and a Buchla (me on Buchla). I also got to meet Rash who graciously showed me round his Buchla 200e / Eardrill / Verbos / Cynthia synthesiser. By the way the parakeet has picked up some very cool phrases. He bleeps

This patch was: 258v into 292 LPG [using 2 channels in series, the vactrols being set off by the eardrill ratchet set to semi-random pulses] and a 281 function generator in LFO mode modulating the LPG cutoff. I had to use the 266 source of uncertainty to send pitch choices to the 258v oscillator as triggered by the same ratchet sending out the timing pulses to the LPG [envelope]. The interesting thing was how easy it was to set up this kind of patch. it just WANTS to make exciting sounds for you...

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