Sunday, 10 July 2011


The Maths - Me John Sefa Hannah, headed up to the Lexington the other night to see Xeno & Oaklander. Below is a short film about them and also a clip that someone else shot at this gig. I love this band and they are super-cool-nice people cos we got to meet them afterwards. Their live rig is basically all vintage Korg and Roland small-synths and drum machines connected with cv/gate. I helped them pack their stuff down and put it in bubblewrap (I didn't help that much - actually not at all - I just popped some bubbles while they were busy)


  1. It was a great gig wasn't it?
    I noticed you were there but didn't get a chance to say hello.I shot some video too-here is my clip of "The Staircase"

  2. I interviewed Sean McBride for a film I'm making, he's a very nice guy and had some extremely deep and thoughtful things to say about analogue interfaces and music in general...