Tuesday, 23 July 2013

All Packed

...and ready to go to Cornwall!

Fast Computer

I have just discovered an amazing album by Larry Fast / Synergy called Computer Experiments Volume One. There never was a Volume Two which is too bad because this is one of the best examples of computer / synth music from that era, an album highly rigorous in concept and execution. Read the album notes in the second picture above. Its a really beautiful album, and explores an area that I am very interested in myself - which is why it was such a pleasure to discover this gem. He used a computer program to create the music called "Pink Tunes" which is awesome. You can still buy this record in CD form I think. Do a Google

Heres the first track, and a bit of video I stole off the tubes and messed with in AE, and below that is a picture of Larry's set-up for this recording. You can see the Paia controller keyboard below the Prophet 5

Sunday, 21 July 2013