Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Fast Computer

I have just discovered an amazing album by Larry Fast / Synergy called Computer Experiments Volume One. There never was a Volume Two which is too bad because this is one of the best examples of computer / synth music from that era, an album highly rigorous in concept and execution. Read the album notes in the second picture above. Its a really beautiful album, and explores an area that I am very interested in myself - which is why it was such a pleasure to discover this gem. He used a computer program to create the music called "Pink Tunes" which is awesome. You can still buy this record in CD form I think. Do a Google

Heres the first track, and a bit of video I stole off the tubes and messed with in AE, and below that is a picture of Larry's set-up for this recording. You can see the Paia controller keyboard below the Prophet 5


  1. Fabulous stuff - early generative music (an amazing concept). Love the gear set up - tempted to try this yourself?

  2. i'm already working on a project along these lines - watch this space...

  3. Anticipation setting in again :-D

  4. This is perfect as I've considered you the Larry Fast of your generation.

  5. Lovely sounds and composition.

    There is an article by Simonton about the Pink Tunes software here...

    It includes the asm code if you have an Apple II handy!