Sunday, 14 July 2013

172 Delays

Here's a patch on the Roland 100m. I wanted to explore the 172 modular FX module a bit and see if I could push it a bit deeper than its normal duties as a kind of simple doubler effect. The module itself has two functions because the top half is a really nice phaser, the middle is the analog delay and the bottom has an LFO. The analog delay has no feedback and its got a very short delay time (too short for distinct repeats to be created) so I used some other 100m modules to enhance it. First I set up a sequence using two VCOs and the ring modulator, an envelope and a VCA. Then I sent the output to a multiple so I could send it to both the output mixer and the input to the analog delay. Then I fed back the delayed output to a second mixer to produce repeated delays. To overcome the limited delay time I sent the CV input to the delay a racking great voltage and managed to produce the following results. Note that when the delay time is increased the clock driving the delay circuit becomes audible as a high pitched whine so I sent the output of the delayed signal to a LPF to filter it out. This was then mixed with the dry signal, and voila:

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