Saturday, 15 May 2010


I accidentally typed a £ instead of a 3 in the title there, by keeping the shift key down too long. I was going to correct it but then I thought how appropriate it was, considering that this standard VCS3 mk2 and keyboard is currently £4500 on ebay with 10 bids and 2 days left... i'll update in the comms

Plucky Girl

Mike took me to see Joanna Newsom at the RFH on weds. It was spectacularly good, we had a box, and afterparty, but we didn't say hello to either Joanna or Roy Harper [who supported]. Why Mike? Was that my fault? This is a picture from our box, that's her on piano

(from her appearance on Jools Holland recently, but she started the set with this lovely song)

Studer 089

This little beauty just sold on the bay. Location Dortmund, Germany, sale price £1665, 19 bids. BARGAIN!

I have to sell one of my 089's mixing consoles
- Complete
- All original
- The 089's has the brightest analog sound

It was maded in the 60's as a joint venture of Studer/Revox & EMT.
Built like a tank, modular and all hand maded
It's in nice optical shape. I also have the original feets (not pictured). All the VU's work, all light are OK, fader go easy

I had it in stock for about 5years, before that it was working fine. Maybe you have to invest some time but there is nothing major

I'm willed to ship worldwide on a pallet, it's also fine to work with your forwarder.
Local pickup also welcome

Logging In

Simon from the Owl Project came round today. He showed us some of his ilogs that are USB controllers made out of logs and sticks and wires and glue. And clever software. He's a really nice bloke and might be organizing a workshop round here someday which would be cool [note to self: try to hold iphone horizontally if possible]

Roundhouse London

Speaking of John Foxx and The Maths, details have been announced of our gig at the Roundhouse in London on 5th June. We've all been very busy getting ready for it and are really excited!

Here is an equipment list for the gig, which consists of stuff from my studio and also Steve D'Agostino's:

Synthesizers and Sequencers:
ARP Odyssey x 2
ARP Sequencers x 2
Crumar Multiman
EDP Wasp
Korg MonoPoly
Korg 700
Logan String Machine
Moog Mini x 2
Moog Modular plus Sequencers
Moog Opus 3
Roland Modular System 100m x 10 Modules
Roland SH2
Roland SH-101
Roland Juno 60
Sequential Circuits Multitrack

Drum machines:
Amdek Percussion Synthesiser
Boss Dr Rhythm
Linn Drum
Klone Drum
Roland CR78
Roland TR808
Simmons SDS5

Effects & Processors:
Boss Chorus
Boss Flanger
Boss Phaser
Electro Harmonix electric mistress Flanger
Furman Spring Reverb
Ibanez AD80 Analog Delay
Maestro PS-1 Phase Shifter
Mu-tron Phasor
MXR Phase 100
Roland Space echo RE-201

Other Equipment:
Tascam & Revox Analogue Reel to Reel Tape Machines

Did I mention, Gary Numan is DJing too.....

The Maths video extract

Here's a clip from some video shot in the studio with me and John

From the PR: 
In between rehearsals for the ''Short Circuit'' analogue synthesizer show at the Roundhouse on 5 June, John Foxx has also been doing some filming with Benge and Karborn. This is at Benge's Play studios in London, where they're recording the new John Foxx & The Maths album, due for release in autumn 2010. Karborn projected some films across them as they played - hence the sunglasses as they were blasted with white light. It's very much a rough cut of something that may develop into a full length promo later in the year - some of the imagery may also be used on screens at the Roundhouse, or even form part of a dvd at some later stage. All loose plans at the moment, but as Brian Eno recently commented, Benge's studio is an important contribution to the ''archeology'' of synths - and the great thing about these old machines is they look as fantastic as they sound. The track on this clip, 'Destination' is the first single from the album and is currently available with a second track, 'September Town' via iTunes etc


Hoxton Music Club

We are updating our website at the studio and kind of combining all our projects. So me and JeanGa took some pix

UPDATE: I added a few more....

Strange Sounds

Just been flicking through a book I just got on amazon called Strange Sounds by Mark Brend. Its a really interesting examination of the weirder side of pop-history, with coverage of some very cool vintage instrumental inventions such as the Phonogene, a primative sampler designed by Pierre Shaeffer. Picture two is of Korg's first ever product, the Donca Matic drum machine of 1963. What is cool about both those products is the cute little keyboards on them, something every piece of technology should have IMO. The last pic is of the Ondes Martenot, this one being owned by the awesome Barry Gray, so to hear it just tune in to an episode of Thunderbirds, Stingray, Fireball XL5, Joe 90, or Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and you might get lucky. Or listen to this track from the CD that comes with the Strange Sounds book

prescription: cowbell