Saturday, 29 May 2010

Thomas Clausen-Telegame

In my ongoing search for lost musical treasures that I make on the various Library Music blogs and websites I very occasionally stumble upon a true gem. This short album on the Capitol Production Music label by Thomas Clausen represents everything I love about old music. Thanks to the fantastic Dusty Shelf for doing the hard work. It is so simple and beautiful, and conjures such a strong feeling of a bygone age with about as few ingredients as is theoretically possible. I made a short compilation below, but be assured that the whole album [all 16 mins] is like this, with the exception of a brief detour into more baroque territory. I think the whole album only uses a Fender Rhodes and Minimoog, that's my best guess


  1. I like this minimalistic approach, gonna try and get some more stuff by Thomas Clausen. -Love from Dusty Shelf

  2. i has a search around and came up blank.....btw, was that the complete album - 16 mins?

    thanks again!

  3. Yep, short one. Let's keep an eye open for more Clausen. Btw I love your blog, kept me entertained during the entire eventless nightshift :)