Friday, 9 April 2010

Virtual Studio

This is how you make a computer visualization the next time you build your dream studio. The real studio is being built in North Carolina USA, and is called Manifold. For best results play this video with the sound off. You have been warned. And check out the two virtual Buchlas at 2m 15s!

Monday, 5 April 2010


I found these over on thesimonsound blog, and he got them from some other blog, etc, but aren't they nice? A whole series of 163 covers for German sci-fi books designed in the 60s / 70s by Eyke Volkmer. See them all here. You might know that I am a fan of things that are designed in series

While you're at it [looking at 70's sci-fi stuff] listen to these fascinating radio shows called 'The Tone Generation' about electronic music which are on the simonsound site. They are by Ian Helliwell and were first broadcast by Resonance FM in London

More Moroder

It's always good to see proper vintage geek footage:

The Studio in 2006

Here is a tour of my studio circa 2006 created by those nice people at Future Music magazine. They came down to interview me and I was featured in the April 2007 issue, thanks Danny! I briefly mention the following synths:

Yamaha CS70M, Sequential VS, Polymoog, Sequential T8, EMS Polysynthi, VCS3, PPG Wave, Waveterm A, Fender Rhodes, Oberheim Fourvoice, Yamaha CS80, Formant, Serge, Moog, Dotcom modular synths, ARP 2600, Oberheim Xpander, Odyssey, Minimoog, Roland SH1, Fairlight CMI, Korg Trident, Yamaha DX5, Logan, Synclavier, Symbolic Sound Kyma

Cute Neve

Look at this beautiful little Neve Kelso. Would you like to download the original brochure for it? Kelsos were introduced in the late 70's and were compact yet made to Neve's usual high standards. I was talking to a pro audio dealer a while back and he told me nobody wanted these things a few years ago. He was asked to go pick up some stuff from a broadcast facility that was closing down. They had about 4 or 5 Kelsos amongst the stuff and the dealer kind of passed on them, saying it wasn't worth the hassle getting the van out for! They now sell for £12K. I saw the one below on gumtree last month for 2K but it looked a bit dodgy and I was too scared