Thursday, 1 April 2010


Why is this vintage modular synth 1000 times cheaper than this one? The starting price of this Paia on ebay today is $50

(3)   4720   VCO
(1)   4730   VCF
(1)              VCA
(1)   4780   Sequencer
(1)              Control Oscillator (LFO I presume)
(2)             "Wing" power panels
(1)   4771   Regulated power supply
(1)   4710   Balanced modulator
(1)   4711   4/2 Mixer
(1)   4712   Reverb
(1)              Homemade 5 hole mystery panel
(1)   4740   Envelope generator
(1)              Sine/PWM module
(1)              Inverter/buffer
(1)              Envelope follower


  1. This is all in all a budget modular. AFAIK they were only sold as DIY kits so the build quality varies obvioulsy. I had one many years ago (not built by myself). Although it was a dream come true having a modular it was a big time disappointment. Hopeless to tune the osc's, noisy like hell, weak filter, poor modulation range etc etc. The computer based sequencer has a membrane HEX keyboard and a 2 digits LED readout... and the membrane keys glitched so you had to retype all those 100's of op code if something when wrong. If the program worked you could save it on the cassette memory! Eventually I sold it for $50... thinking a made a good deal...