Friday, 23 April 2010

Roland Goofed

I was messing about on the Roland RS09, and I discovered that it is in fact pretty rubbish. This is because of the envelope implementation. At first I thought it was broken, because it was so frustrating to use. It only has ONE envelope in it and this means notes don't articulate properly for a string synth. As far as I'm concerned all string synths need to have an envelope that starts and finishes it's cycle for each note pressed. On the RS09 it cuts off the attack and decay with each new key and this is such a major compromise that for the first time I can announce 'Roland goofed'. I really like the size and design of the RS09 and was hoping it would be a good thing for using live [I'll try it out in Toulouse next week]. If it had proper snappy and controllable envelopes then this would be an amazing little synth

Here's a noodle I did putting layers of the RS through the Doepfer delay and phaser


  1. Teh RS09 ain't a synth, it's a paraphonic string machine. See Gordon reids excellent article series in SOS:


  2. ok, point taken, but IMO 'paraphonic' is another way of saying 'irritating'

  3. A concert in Toulouse France ? Where do you play ?

  4. Electronic_a # 11
    Jeudi 29 avril 2010
    Centre Culturel Bellegarde
    17 rue Bellegarde
    Début des concerts : 20h30 ** 5€