Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Modular Tables

I like doing price comparisons and lists and things, especially when I combine lists and synths. I found this modular synthesizer feature comparison chart from a matrixsynth post a few weeks ago [click to a post he did about a load of cool synth scans by jimmy now lives in sun city]

Here is a link to lots of very interesting original price lists put together by Synthfool. Remember that shops and dealers would usually discount the list prices by 25 - 50%. Inflation means that you generally double prices every 10 years

Below is a current comparison I did [in £] of equivalents to these Buchla 100 systems. Not all the modules are available so I have tried to get close. Gaps are because modules are already covered. As far as the 100 goes, I tried to guess prices first....


  1. Now that was a mega cool upload of scans by "jimmy now live in sun city" in flkr!

    Ionic - never heard of!

  2. yes it's a great bunch of scans. i want to post about them properly at some point

    the ionic does look very interesting. as far as i remember there was some controversy about it as it was essentially a repackaging of the ems vcs3. ionic had at some point been a distributor of ems in the us, then they had the simple idea of making one themselves [without permission] and selling that! i think it had some cool looking improvements though...