Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Window Seat

I've gone to LA. I jumped on a plane and headed over to sunny (rainy) California for a couple of weeks, to finish recording an album I started ages ago. More on that later, but the next few posts will be coming from a lovely seventies studio the other side of the pond

I love sitting by the window on the plane and seeing the world from space. I always see things that intrigue me, because things look so different form above. Here are some snaps I took over Canada and the western coast of America. Look at the bottom photos of the set. What are those weird grids? they are covering a massive area. I checked the location on the live flight map, then when I could I looked on google maps and found the area. Put 'Kearl Lake Canada' into google maps and look at the satellite view. Then pan down and right a bit, you will see the same thing I saw from the plane. What is it? I like things like that


heres some shots of LA on the way home:

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Are You Filming?

Heres a little studio footage of Great Guns, featuring Jeanga on Korg Monopoly, and thats George and a very shy Riz there too from our meetup last week