Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Room With A Bu (chla)

Another reason I was in California was to pick up some more Buchla modules (227e quad mixer, 225e midi decoder / preset manager, 258v analog dual oscillator clone and 254v quad voltage processor). I got them from a film music producer. He used to own the ARP 2500 that was featured in Close Encounters. DAMN! (See this post on matrixsynth for more about this)

So I got the modules from the very nice Bryan and he also lent me a boat so I could mess with them at my hotel. The hotel was up in the hills and had an amazing view. I made the tune in the video below using the Buchla and a Roland MC500 which I bought on ebay while I was there


    Nice piece.

    Putting on my pedantic hat, which I always keep on a hatrack close to me, I would note that the 227e is the quad mixer, and the 225e is the MIDI interface. I would further note that the 254v is not a clone; more like "inspired by" the 257.

  2. yes my bad, you are correct. and pedantic

    I updated the post!

  3. Glad to see your system growing Ben!'ll love the 258v, no doubt! I can suggest a Cyndustries ZOe ZerOscillator for wonderful FM clangs if you can find one...see ether^ra blogspot for a recent entry on he ZOe & good luck w/your growing system!...John

  4. hey thank you so much john. yes the system is growing at an alarming rate!