Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Buchla With Labels

I was bored, so I labelled up the modules in the system from this post

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Music Not Working Today

For some reason the muzicons widgets are all broken today, so you can't listen to any of the music on my blog. Thats really annoying and I hope its fixed soon otherwise I will have to redo all my posts with mp3 players on. Which is why I generally prefer my Revox G36 as a music playback device

Monday, 22 February 2010

Serge Modular

After spending quite a bit of time with the Doepfer recently I decided to have a play around on the Serge system in the studio and have to say that for the kind of 'organic' inter-modulating patches I have been working on it totally rules! Interesting sounds just ooze out of every pore [patch-socket] and because of the stackable banana cords you can keep building up the complexity of a patch really intuitively. I should get some of these new stackcable minijacks for the Doepfer / Roland 100M / Formant, but they are not cheap - a very modest patch is going to be around 20 cables / £100!

My Serge system consists of the following modules, mostly from the early 70s:
[its hard to describe the modules properly as they usually have multiple functions depending on how they are patched, but heres a brief summary]

3 x dual positive slew [osc/env]
3 x dual negative slew [osc/env]
3 x smooth / stepped function gen [sort of dual osc, but much more as well]
2 x precision VCO
3 x noise/random sources
2 x dual VC processors
5 x multi filters
3 x VCA
3 x phasers
2 x 10 step sequencers with 4 banks of 3 x 4 matrix mixers for VC output
2 x spring reverbs
2 x 4 ch VC mixers
dual 3 ch mixer
analog shift register
ring mod
dual VC slew
bi-directional router

This patch is completely self-generating and has no external effects or delays on it, just pure Serge. It uses a sequencer, two oscillators, ring mod, 8 LFOs, two filters, a VC processor, two phasers, two reverbs and a stereo mixer and about 40 banana cords

Here is the patch and the audio

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Warp Six?

I've never ever seen or even heard of one of these synths before.... on ebay uk for £350, item no: 320489995036

Quad Eight

There's a beautiful Q8 console on the bay today. It's in Shelburne, MA, US, and is curently just $100. More info in the comms

Apparently Quad Eight are really up there with the best, though I've never used one. This one looks great, if a bit tatty. I have to say it looks older than 1982, more like '72

Here is a really good article about the history of Q8, Sphere and Electrodyne consoles that appeared in Tape Op mag, by Larry DeVivo