Sunday, 14 February 2010

Fairlight CVI

There's a Fairlight CVI for sale on the bay today. No, not a Fairlight CMI, a CVI . That stands for computer VIDEO instrument. They developed it in the early 80s and it was supposed to do for video what the sampler did for music. It looks supremely 1980s. The model for sale is the slimmed down single channel version....

It's in Arizona, starting bid $1400 [£900] and has been on before with no bids. Auction text: Fairlight CVI "Compact Producer" NTSC video effects unit. 1980's rare device. Real time single channel composite video with digital graphics. Copy of manual included. Sold AS-IS. USA sale only! (video monitor not included) This is the last one I have for sale

Here's some clips showing its incredible eightiesness. The first one is funny because the video keeps playing up. All the music is done on the CMI, natch