Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sequencer Sequence

Here is a short video of a big patch on the modulars me and Al set up. The idea was to try and use as many analog sequencers as possible, but we only managed 4 in the end. Once set off everything plays together. So there's a melodic line on the Moog 3C coming from the Dotcom Q960 clone, which is being transposed occasionally by a Dotcom Q119 sequencer. We sent trigger pulses from the Q963 trigger buss out to an envelope for the bass drum, others for the clap and hh [from the amazing Formant cymbal / hi-hat module]. A drone was set up on the Roland 100M and also an 8 step drone sequence using the 100M sequencer triggered from the Q960. The ARP 2500 was used for a percussive, slightly melodic 10 step sequence, again locked to the main clock. The whole lot went through the Studer 902 console and some delay and phaser pedals and Telefunken spring reverb

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