Saturday, 13 February 2010

More Video Art

I think i need to get an analog video synthesiser. Now. I'm just starting to investigate them, and so far have discovered that EMS [yes who make the synthi stuff] also made video synths, such as the spectre. Here is a still from one

Here is the user manual. This is what it looks like

Gavin pointed me to the audiovisualisers site, as he is also on the trail....

Next up is the Chromaton 14, an american unit made in 1977

And here is a video made on one

The investigation continues, especially as I hearing rumours about old Buchla and Fairlight video synths. Could this be one?


  1. The Buchla photograph above is a 500 is not a video synthesizer - the video monitor is for programming (numerics, etc), the oscilloscope for monitoring waveforms. A Buchla "video synthesizer" was never put into production - though it is conceivable one could use some portions of a Buchla in conjunction with an actual video synth.

    Also - I should note that about 5 years ago a restored Chromatron was offered on eBay for a very reasonable price ($1500?) - and the auction saw very little action. I was broke at the time...

  2. hey thanks jason. i had a feeling that was a 500, but it came up in an image search i did for vid synths....