Friday, 21 February 2014

Big Reverbz

Here is a comparison of four of my favourite big and old digital reverbs: Yamaha Rev1, Lexicon 224, Roland R880 and Eventide H3000, recorded in that order. I tried to get similar settings on them, so they all have decay times of around 10 seconds. You really need to listen on headphones to hear the subtle differences between them. I thought the mighty Oberheim Four Voice would be a good way of testing them. Which is your favourite?


  1. Even through laptop speakers, the Lexicon sounded so much more complex. Have you tried the new Strymon BigSky yet? It's a keeper.

  2. Thanks for the comparision. My favorite was the Lexicon 224. It is not the most natural sounding but love its musicality.

  3. My favourite is the Lexicon. It has beautiful clean decay.