Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Benge - Minertua

Theres another new Benge album up on bandcamp. Heres the info:

Minertua - Deep Listening Gallery
A further study in sustained electronic tonalities complimenting Benge's previous two recordings, Abstraxa and Harmuna

1 - Ento (10.08)
2 - Urba (9.04)
3 - Osto (3.14)
4 - Kapt (8.09)
Tuta Dauro (30.34)

Track one - Elka X705 electronic organ, Buchla modular synthesiser, Roland R880 Digital Reverberation System, Ibanez AD150 analog delay, MXR 126 Flanger/Doubler
Track two - Buchla modular synthesiser, Roland R880, Ibanez AD150, MXR 126
Track three - Yamaha YC45D electronic organ, Roland 201 Space Echo
Track four - Buchla modular synthesiser, Roland R880

Recorded at Benge Studios, London, August 2012
All Music and Design by Benge (c)2012 Ben Edwards
All Rights Reserved
Cover photo of video feedback by Benge
Video content by Benge using Hameg oscilloscope, Philips V100 analog video camera
Released 22nd August 2012

Here is a video to accompany the release:

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Karin and Kjetil

Also Karen Park and her friend Kjetil came in yesterday to play on some synths. I had set the big moog up to play a sequence, triggered by the DR55. Heres a test sketch I did:

String Thing

Had a great session last night for Hannah. She was recording a string quartet for some of her new songs. Lovely

Golf Punk

Great gig the other night Nat!