Thursday, 15 March 2012

Moog Phase

I bought a Moog 12 Stage Phaser today. Here is a Buchla patch incorporating it - it has CV input so you can control it externally - Yay Baby!

My House

I saw this beautiful thing on the way out of my house this morning:

Natural Habitats

New project alert! Heres me and Stephan Inchtime during final remix stage for a project on Stephan's label Mystery Plays. We're called Natural Habitats and the original song is by Shoeb Ahmad. Vox by Hannah!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Original Drum Machine

RIP Cedric Sharpley, an amazing drum machine


Here is the first video from the new album by new band Magnetic North. Yes, it features Hannah Peel and it was mixed here at the studio by yours truly:


I was driving through Dalston today and I saw one of the new London hop-on busses. I really miss the old routemaster thing where you could jump on and off whenever you wanted - it's so much better than sitting on the bus for 15 minutes right in front of your stop / street because theres a traffic jam. Can I decide when to get off please? I can now

Benge Interview

Hello. Tara Busch has put up an interview with me on her blog Analog Suicide where I talk about my new album Abstraxa and working with the Buchla modular synthesiser

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Feedback and Vactrol Gates

I was inspired by some posts over on Muff's that Rash sent me a link to regarding using the Buchla 292e Quad Dynamics Manager as a sound source. So here is a patch that demonstrates how wonderfully versatile the Buchla system is. The only sounds you hear on this clip are coming from the Low Pass Gates - I am using two of them to feedback on themselves thus producing voltage controllable oscillators, and then I'm using the envelopes and triggers to produce the rhythms. Deep

Word of the Week #31

Sefa Peel

What would you get if you were able to combine Hannah Peel and Serafina Steer into one person?