Saturday, 24 March 2012

City Genetic

I was asked to submit a track for my friend Tim (Maps & Diagrams) new project called City Genetic. Its a very interesting project, this is how he describes it:

Citygenetic is an ongoing project, a musical adventure and a meeting of musical minds. The project consists of a seed – the seed is a sixty second piece of music which has been created by Tim Martin (Maps and Diagrams). The seed has been passed onto different musicians of varying styles and genres for them to interpret and continue the music to form a branch. Over the course of the project four branches will be constructed, each branch will consist of ten artists and ten minutes of music which will be assembled to form a continuous embodiment of sound which will be forty minutes long. This project is on-going and will be constantly updated as new music is created

I did a 1 minute track called OmniCar, its on branch three

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