Wednesday, 7 March 2012

First Foundation

I am a huge fan of Roland's beautiful publication The Synthesizer. In fact I have both 1st and 2nd editions of it. What makes it so good for me it its use of the Roland System 100 series modules in most of its patching examples, as I also have those modules. Well the good news is that Analog Industries have gone and scanned this long-out-of-print tome and you can download it from their website. Here is the excellent A Foundation For Electronic Music
RTS Foundation

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Infinite Grid

Theres a nice interview John and I did when we were in Belgium, before the sound check. Its here. Also, click on the link below for the full transcript...


29/02/2012, Philippe BLACKMARQUIS

"Nostalgia doesn't interest me." John Foxx's voice is deep and soft. I am very happy to meet one of my heroes just before his concert in Aarschot. Despite his legendary status as an artist, he is very modest, even shy, a true English gentleman

Glass Sun