Friday, 5 November 2010

Future Music Feature

There's a feature on us (John Foxx & The Maths) in this months FM magazine. It was done during our concert at the Roundhouse last June. There's a great spread in the mag and as usual John Foxx talks about everything in a really interesting way. He's good at that. And on the DVD is the following video, filmed by those lovely FM people, which features Foxxy, Steve D'Agostino and yours truly talking about vintage synths

Big Dog

So I got back from the states and my new dog, Biba, had grown about 3 times bigger! I took her down into the studio for the first time and she seemed pretty happy there. She sat around while I pumped out super low frequencies and then fell asleep. Its actually better than up in the real world tonight because it's fireworks night and they do freak her out a bit

Back to Work

Hey Ho! Sorry for the huge delay in posting, I'll tell you about my American road trip later, but to summarize it involved 80s supercars and synths. Which is why this post over on matrixsynth caught my eye