Friday, 3 September 2010


I popped in to Maplin on the way to the studio today to check out the knobs. Theres always lots of knobs in Maplin. Here are the ones that I thought looked nicest, so then I tried them out on the Doepfer, as I am planning on modifying some of the modules to put into the spare panel on the Serge

The idea is to create a delay and services panel. There is a pretty big quirk with the Doepfer 188 delay because it doesn't automatically filter out the internal clock that controls the BBD line, and a whining oscillator sound is clearly audible in the delayed signal. So what you have to do is use a separate low pass filter to remove it [it has got a CV output from the delay speed control for this purpose] but then you need to use a mixer to mix the delayed and filtered signal with the original to get what is normally achieved with a delay unit. So in other words you need to use 3 separate modules and six patch cables to get it working right. But I suppose that is the joy of modular synthesis!

Here is the patch in audio form, using an oscillator which is being driven by an LFO through a S&H clocked by a saw wave

Monday, 30 August 2010

Build Your Own Electronic Musical Instruments

What are you waiting for!

Via Johhny F - thanks!

Electronic Musical Projects - P.K. Sood

OK, Yah

Me and Big Al were messing about on the Doepfer today. The patch was based around the osc, analog delay and filter modules. It started trying to speak! We found that by adjusting the delay and filter settings we could make it sound more 'posh'


Had a nice long walk at Toot Hill today with Joe and Charlie... great for clearing the mind