Sunday, 8 August 2010

Omni Phonic

Here is a short demo of the ARP Omni synth. The Omni was introduced in the mid 70s and was ARPs biggest selling product. Its got three quite distinct sections; a beautiful sounding string synth [as used by Joy Division] a bass synth, which is pretty "fat" sounding, and can do the good squelchy stuff, and a polyphonic [paraphonic?] single osc synth which can be layered with the others. All in all its got a really unique and wonky sound and that is very good news. This little sketch was done by layering the three sections together, and no FX or anything was applied, so its pure Omni

The guy who sold me this sent me this mp3 which is a demo of the Omni made by ARP, which came on a flexidisc. Pretty cool!

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