Thursday, 26 August 2010

Discovered: Discovering Electronic Music

For some reason I had never seen this short film about electronic music before. I had heard of it but I think it had been deleted from YT or something. Anyway, its so good I decided to save it to my HD and put it on my YT channel too. There are a few moments in this film that almost made me cry out with joy

Via Matrixsynth

Via Matrixsynth

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Serge Alone

Heres a little sketch I made on the Serge Modular. This is completely self generating with no manipulation by me. However I got the MPU-101 interface patched up and sent one of the oscillators semi-randomly generated note events from a scripting program called AC Toolbox. I was getting really frustrated trying to find some algorithmic software that I could use on OSX 10.5 and get working with my USB midi interface to send out to the Serge. I tried MAX MSP but that wouldn't recognise the interface, another program called Elysium kind of half worked, and Reaktor doesn't do scripting and I couldn't set up any decent generative sequences with it that would send out midi events to the interface. Then I remembered AC Toolbox and although its not real-time [you have to set up the various rules using lisp] it did send out the midi data properly and I quite like the way you give it some rules and then set it off to see where it goes. There are 2 audio oscillators and 2 analog sequencers as well, and tons of modulation LFOs as well. The panning and reverb is all automated via LFOs and the sequencers

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Checked Jacket

Via Matrixsynth

Robot Reverb

I just saw an EMT 250 digital reverberation unit on the bay. This model is affectionately known as "R2-D2". I am fairly fanatical about reverb units and have a few favorites of my own [EMT 140 valve plate, Lexicon 224 Mk1, Roland R880, Eventide H3000, AKG BX15 spring, Ursa Major Space Station Mk1] but I would very much like the EMT 250 to be on that list. I am always interested in pioneering first generation digital equipment, they tend to have a massive but edgy character, for example Fairlight CMI, Linn LM1, Lexicon 224, Synclavier etc.

Click on the link at the bottom of this post to read a cool article about the EMT 250 by Will Shanks

eBay details: seller: reedosi, location: NY, NY, starting bid $3000, pickup only

"This is the EMT 250 Digital Reverb, Delay, Chorus, "Phaser," Echo. It sounds as big as it is and as heavy as it weighs. It's a digital reverb with its own wheels, for crying out loud! You can even run it in quad. Like other top-shelf reverbs (Lexicon 224, 480, AMS RMX) it never gets lost in the mix. Ever. The multi-tap chorus is amazing as well. If you only use this thing as a delay you will prove that the gap between rich and poor has grown way too big.

I had it completely refurbished by David Kulka a couple years ago after buying it from a fellow who claimed to have gotten it from Jeff Porcaro. Since then it has sat in our air-conditioned, smoke-free studio and made our snare drums sound way too big for their own good. We have had zero maintenance issues with it.

I really don't want to see this thing go, but we're re-organizing our space. In a half-hearted effort to sell it, I am offering it in a pick-up-only capacity"