Saturday, 21 August 2010

Crawley Down

I'm going to look at this on Monday

Friday, 20 August 2010


I found another car video like the ones in this post. The trouble was the music on the youtube clip was horrible, so I put a piece of library music on from the correct era. Its called Flash Graphics by Z. Lawrence from the Bruton album BRK 09 High Tension. Look at that house its parked outside at around 30 seconds

Edible Pedals

I saw this and liked it. The Ibanez AD80 is my favorite pedal ever. It tastes of strawberries and cream

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Speaking Serge

I finally fixed the Serge Modular power supply and got it home and set it up again. See this post for more. Big Al helped me with it, I had to get a new transformer, which is the big magnetic thing that makes power supplies so heavy. It weighs a ton! Luckily it only cost £15. I made a matching box to put the entire supply in so that it can be away from the main synth because it was interfering with the spring reverb units. I will take some pictures of the whole system again when its totally finished. I still want to make a Benge Delay panel for it!

This is a self-contained patch and has no external effects or sequencing or editing. Its in mono because I didn't have two banana to phono converters. There are two VCOs being played by the sequencer, going through an analog shift register so that VCO 2 has a sequence 3 steps behind the first. The rhythms are all filtered and phased noise, taking different triggers from the sequencers

One of the Serge's charms is that there is no writing on the panels and some of the very old modules have no known documentation. They also have various functions depending on the patching, and the upshot is that I don't know how many of the modules are supposed to work. Thats why I enjoy experimenting with it, because it is a journey into foreign territory every time