Monday, 15 October 2018

Jupiter Falls

A little sketch on the Roland Jupiter Six. Through the immense Roland R880 Digital Mainframe Reverberation System


Word of the Week #78

Wednesday, 19 September 2018






Just had the Korg Monopoly fixed up - its sounding SWEET. I love the way the arpeggiator works in polyphonic mode - you can mess with the waveforms and octaves of each of the 4 notes as it goes along, which gets some unique results, sort of half way between an arpeggiator and sequencer in a weird way. The Buchla is doing the percussions, using filtered noise through the 194 bandpass filter and a mixer to change the sound in real time


Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Warm Voices

Just got one of these - interesting synth!

Monday, 3 September 2018

Butler 100

Great interview with Neil Arthur here, about our new Blancmange album. (Backed up below for posterity)


Imagine if this was a synthesiser and not an organ:

Friday, 31 August 2018

Being John Carpenter #3

Time for another instalment...

Synths and FX used: Moog Modular 3C, Sequential Circuits T8, Oberheim 4 Voice, ARP Odyssey, Linn LM1, MCI 416B, Lexicon 224, Bel BD80, EMT Plate 140, Mu-Tron Phaser II

Rave On

Heres a new video for Creep Show's song Lime Ricky. Its totally rave-o-matic! Nice one Dancon and Francesca!

CREEP SHOW - LIME RICKY from on Vimeo.

a film by Francesca Levi & Daniel Conway, 2018
dedicated to the ravers of Doncaster, 1992
thank you to Andy Parken

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Casio Cords

I set up the Casio FZ10-M (an FZ-1 in a rack) and tried to get my head round it. Its certainly not intuitive to use! (common amongst late 80s / 90s systems of this power). Its a pretty interesting prospect once you get used to the menus. Here I am using an additive sine wave oscillator with a slow envelope, and I assigned the mod wheel to control the very nice resonant LPF

I'm using the Sequential Prophet T8 to control it because the wooden keyboard makes the Casio feel more luxurious

Word of the Week #77

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Polysynthi Thingi

Playing around on the EMS Polysynthi. No other effects were used in this video. It really is a clever little polysynth. The aftertouch is surprisingly expressive. And the voltage controllable analogue delay is shattering

Synths Are Magic

Speaking of JG here are some very recent pics. First off, in the studio:

And secondly, us on the beach (with Pete Sene, his new live show tech)

(photos by Zan, Benge and Lyn)

Dog Show

Here is John Grant's new single - the title track from his new album which was mostly done here at Memetune central. DAMN COOL VIDEO JOHN!!

Sounds Of Synths

Theres a really cool new website called which is endeavouring to get sound examples of every classic vintage synth. Its a great idea by the people behind this very cool poster which features nice simple line drawings of lots of synths, which are coincidently very similar to the ones I commissioned for our Wrangler Remix album (see this post)

Anyway I have donated some of the tracks from Twenty Systems for their Synthsounds website, so if you go to the page and click on a synth with a red star next to it you can hear audio examples - neat, eh?? Of course if there are synth drawings without sounds and you have the real thing sitting there, go ahead and make a demo and send it in to them. Hopefully soon there will be a full-house of pics and sounds


Oh look the new Blancmange album (recorded here) is available to pre-order - so go on then!

Thursday, 12 July 2018


And here are Phil & Mal in action:

Grid-Of-Synth Wrangler Album3

Its been a really busy couple of months here at Meme-central. I've had a constant flow of amazing friends and colleagues down here working on new albums, all of which are very different but equally exciting for me to be a part of. Needless to say, they are all fully electronic, being synth and drum machine based with layers of analog and digital effects, modular synths and exploratory vocal manipulations. For example, here is the Grid-Of-Synth for the newly completed Wrangler album (our third, as yet untitled):

3 Memes

AT LAST! The new Wrangler 12 inch on Memetune Recordings is out, available from all good record stores, or to order from our shop HERE. Thanks so much to the awesome remixers (Crooked Man, Lone Lady and Daniel Miller)

Word of the Week #76

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Modcan Jam

Lump Bump

The new collaboration between my friend Mike Lindsay (he of Tunng) and Laura Marling, entitled Lump is out and getting some love from everyone. Not surprising as its a great (mini) album! Mike actually came here AGES ago when the project was in its early stages, and we fired up the Moog Modular which seemed to get the juices flowing. Heres Mikey booming out some low-throbs of sound (doesn't really come across in a picture, I know..)

Grid-Of-Synth: Wanderlust

Phew! Just finished the new Blancmange album Wanderlust here with Neil Arthur. He took the picture above of me on the Moog through the giant crystal. Below is a collection of synths and things that we mainly used on this album. I am going to try and show you what stuff is used on what from now on here. It will be labelled the GRID-OF-SYNTH. Click on the pics for a large version. WOOOO!