Sunday, 24 April 2016


"Oi! Keep that noise down" "NO! I'm trying out some new modifications on my synth!" This is my Roland Sh-3 which Keith modded to have CV & Gate inputs so it can be controlled externally. Its a really nice and unusual synth and this mod really brings it to life. He managed to use jack sockets that I never used on the synth (headphone out and foot pedal in) so no drilling was necessary and it can easily returned to standard original condition if required. The patch uses a clock signal out of the computer to run the Moog and Roland analog sequencers, and one of them is going to trigger the DR55 drum machine which Keith had also modded a while ago. There is also a Sequential Drumtraks in there for good measure

Oh yes and another thing - I made a new Memetune Video ident - inspired by those supercool branding tags you used to get at the start of dodgy horror film videos in the 80s. Hope you like it


  1. Very Nice! I've been tempted to get a Kenton kit for my SH-3a but it's in such immaculate condition that I'm loathe to butcher it. This might be a solution. Do you know if it was difficult?

  2. It needed a small circuit board to be built, but the nice thing is it uses existing jack sockets that are not that useful (to me, anyway) so the mod is completely reversible and the SH3A can be put back to normal if required. My tech is very much in favour of this approach. I can try and get more info about the mod if you want

    1. Thanks Benge, I've a very good synth tech who I'd trust with the job (Jim at Singing Cat Services), but obviously the more info I can give him, the better. I've just posted a little vid of my SH-3a going a bit acid on me. Clearly, it would benefit from a little sequencer control.