Friday, 2 October 2015

Complete Discretion

Discreet is complete! I had a fantastic time performing on stage with Leo, David, John, Oliver, Emma, Lloyd, Tony and Chris. THANKS FOR ASKING ME! Lets do it again soon please?


  1. Geek question time - what was your set up?

    1. Geeky reply: For Discreet Music, I used the laptop to send midi generated notes to the Roland 100M which was being modulated and filtered by the VCS3. The notes went in stereo to a Bel BD80S delay set to 5 seconds. Then I manipulated the feedback and mix levels during the performance. The second half was 100M modular and VCS3 going through analog and digital FX (Ibanez AD80 and MXR Pitch Transposer). Towards the end I used some granulated samples of Brian Eno talking which I had recorded onto the reel to reel tape machine. This was then sent through an MXR Flanger/Doubler for more manipulation. Thats it!

  2. It sounded great, excellent night out.
    Laraaji was a cherry on the icing