Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Spiders From Moors

I have just had my EMS gear serviced and calibrated in preparation for my appearance at the Barbican later this month. DID I MENTION I AM PLAYING AS PART OF THE DISCREET MUSIC CONCERT ON THE 26TH SEPTEMBER? Please come along! I have been asked to play the synthesiser and tape parts live on stage, what an honour - Discreet Music is one of my favourite albums, and it was Brian Eno's first release in his seminal ambient series of albums. It was the very first ambient record! Anyway, my gear is all fit and ready thanks to Keith, but when we opened the VCS3 up there were two SPIDERS inside - they had not harmed the circuits though, just spun a few ambient webs and eaten some ambient flies

You can listen to an interview with Leo Abrahams and David Coulter about the gig below (about half way through the program)


  1. If there was anyone still thinking analog synth isn't warmer than digital, here is the proof ! :)

  2. Really looking forward to the concert 👍