Saturday, 29 June 2013

Tennis T

Thanks for the loan of the T Phil

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Word of the Week #49


Heres a mix by Adult, featuring one of out tracks. DARK-CORE

Tape Worms

Speaking of Tench, he pointed me towards these really cool posters by Neil Stevens


Paul made a flying visit last week, and bought me a brill book about science fiction books


Gazelle Twin - Never Let Me Go from KARBORN on Vimeo.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Buchla 700 Video Log

I forgot I had made a little video of the 700 when I was at Rick's:

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Benge Chimeror

I've just put a new mini-album up on my bandcamp page. Its called Chimeror and it is an explorative collaboration with the Buchla 700 synthesiser. A huge "Thank-You!" to Rick Smith for letting me loose on his Buchla 700 WHICH IS THE ONLY WORKING EXAMPLE LEFT IN THE WORLD BECAUSE DON ONLY MADE 6 OF THESE THINGS AND THEY WERE REALLY INSANE. This is what the Buchla 700 looks like:

Here are the album notes:

In December 2012 I was visiting a friend in Vancouver, BC and he showed me his working example of the legendary Buchla 700 analog / digital hybrid synthesiser. This highly advanced synthesiser was developed and produced in the mid 1980s by Californian electronic instrument pioneer Don Buchla, using proprietory hardware and software components. Only six of these machines were ever produced, and this is possibly the only working example left in existance. My friend showed me some of its sound producing capabilities and then left me to explore for myself. Presented here are the results of the hour or so that I had alone with this machine

Donald Buchla began makng electronic musical instruments in 1964 with his 100 series modules, which introduced the concept of analog voltage control to musical instruments. He then produced the 200 series modules in the early 1970s and continued developing systems and modules of greater complexity utilising digital control and eventually microprocessor control, culminating in the 700 system in the mid 1980s. More recently Buchla introduced the 200e modules which he continues to develop

The five compositions were recorded directly to computer using overdubbing in places. No additional processing was applied

There is a PDF included with the release that includes full information on this amazing synthesiser if you go to the band camp page and download the album

Monday, 10 June 2013


Ive been in the studio working with Laura J Martin on her new record. Hiya LJM! You might remember I worked on the Bonus Skor record which she made with Mike. After adding a few extras on the synths we've been mixing the tracks - its sounding great LJM

Google Fail

Check this screen shot out - I just tried to load a new google search and this came up:

Best In Show

Remember when I won the I Dream of Wires photo of the week contest? Well guess what after the 30 weeks of winners they have chosen my pic as the overall winner! See here on Matrixsynth for more info. So they are going to make it into a postcard along with 4 others! Cool!

She's A Liquid

Here is a really cool unofficial video that has appeared for Rear View Mirror: