Saturday, 4 May 2013

Toxic Takeaway

We are well into our UK tour with OMD, and I just realised I hadn't posted a link to the remix I did for them!

Heres the blurb: Says John Foxx of the remix: "OMG! - its OMD! - The Maths have gone exponential. Channelling the spirit of J.G. Ballard via Joe Meek's 'Ghost Riders In The Sky', here comes Foxxy with a toxic takeaway delivered by Benge on a burning Buchla. A strangled tango for mangled minds in tangled times."

The single, released on May 27 via 100% Records, will include B-side 'Time Burns', in addition to remixes by Mike Jolly and Bounce Darkside, while the iTunes bundle comes with a reworking by Zebra and Snake.



  1. Holy Mother Of Foxx! There IS a GOD!!!! Just two days ago I wrote this:

    and now my dream has been delivered to me from on on high!! My racks are full of several FEET of Foxx/OMD and this is nir-effing-vana! More please!

    As if that weren't enough, I just sent a note [minutes ago] to Paxahau [new promoter in charge of Moogfest 2014] extolling the virtues of JF+TM as a synth coup par excellence for the next Moogfest. Since Paxahau seem to own Detroit Techno now, they should at least be conversant with Metamatic. Foxxy is alone among his peers for not only smoking the young turks but also his own prodigious legacy with his work with you in the last three years. JF+TM for Moogfest 2014 would be an enormous coup and hopefully, Paxahau will move on this notion. Since it is now established that there is a god, no doubt they've already made moves on the notion! So I hope to see you in Asheville next spring. And please, please, pleeeeease, produce the next OMD album!

  2. well, i am blushing now.
    and moog-fest would be great!