Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bestival Festival

Here are a few shots of us playing last thursday, taken by Mark Jones our inimitable host. Somehow we managed to be selected as act of the day by Bestival

Here is a clip I took backstage. John is checking our visuals for the gig...

And this is where we played - the Big Top - Wooo!

UPDATE: Finally there is a youtube clip of us at Bestival. Thank-you Guildfordghost:

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sequential Profit

I was messing around on the T8 yesterday, what a great synth

Shaky Picture

Pete's Cargo Videos

My friend Pete sent me some vids he took at our cargo show last week:

Word of the Week #40


The double gatefolds have arrived! Good work from Barnbrook, Malins, and well, me and John really

Monday, 10 September 2012

Krell Meme...

So following on from this post, I was digging around on Muffs and saw that the meme had evolved again. Slipperysoles had posted another self-generating Buchla patch, this time based on an idea from Douglas Leedy in 1970. Leedy made an album called Entropical Paradise which explored automata in music, which is documented in the indispensable book Electronic Music by Allen Strange. See the scan I made of the flow chart of Leedy's original patch. I decided to try and recreate the this on my 200e system, which is itself a evolution of the Buchla 100 Leedy used. There are lots of differences in the modules and functions I had to contend with but I got somewhere close, and as always with the Buchla found something unique along the way