Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Theres a nice new in-depth interview with me and Foxxy HERE

Sample text: The studio is clearly a one-off, with Edwards somehow in command of the array of equipment. "In here we've got everything connected, so you can put extra things in, and you get a signal change you'd never get if you did it on a computer. If you ever tried to reconstruct a sound here you wouldn't be able to, and that's one of the penalties! That's nice though because you have to commit to things, you spend the time getting it right and then committing, so it's a different way of working."

Free Modular

Check out this online modular synth. Its really cool. Its just like owning your own vintage modular synthesiser system except you don't have to sell your car before you can use it. The best thing is that you can enter your own sequencer data in the MML format (in the text field under the synth) and it plays it, then you can change the sounds as it plays. Its VERY powerful actually

What you need to do is change the MML sequence code straight away because their one is horrible, so use something like this to get an idea:

t250 dfgfdcde