Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ebay Fiesta

Hey - thinking of setting up a cool electronic studio? Just won the lottery / latest album gone platinum? Well here are a few things I have seen on eBay recently that you should buy:

1) You need a modular synth. They are all the rage. How about an original Moog 3P to get started - $36,200

2) You are going to need a large Polysynth. This is one of the best ever made - 1976 Yamaha CS80, $12,900

3) And you need a drum machine. This will be the one then - Linn LM1 from 1982 - $7,800

4) OK, so now you need an effects unit to make them all sound awesome, why not use one of these - EMT stereo valve plate model 140, $3,900

5) All thats left now is a mixing desk, so my recommendation would be one of these - Neve 5300 series vintage 70s console, just $47,000

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  1. But first go to my blog a check the *real* prices!