Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Theres a really good article about one of my musical heroes Conny Plank HERE. There are some interesting contributions from Foxxy in there, and Eno tells of Plank's inventiveness - check out his solution to mixing desk Total Recall:
Plank also rigged a special system to take a photograph of the entire mixing console, to ‘save’ his work in the days before digital. ‘He was an inventor,’ says Eno. ‘When I was working there he’d developed an early automation system which consisted of a specially developed camera lens mounted above the console, so that you could take a picture at the end of the session of the state of the console. Then if you wanted to set the desk up in the same way at some point in the future, you’d project the picture you’d taken down through the same lens so that the image perfectly lined up with the desk. Thus you could move every knob back to its original position. It was an insane idea that probably only a German would have a) thought of and b) made work

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  1. Thanks for the link. Conny Plank deserves a book, he recorded many of my favourite albums.