Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fiddle About

Heres a little video I made of me wandering around the studio fiddling with things. Featuring the Moog Modular, the ARP 2500, Roland Juno 60, Yamaha CS80, Studer 902 console, Roland Space Echo

Thumbs Up

This has been a week of visits (more on some of those later I hope) and yesterday David Dewaele and James Murphy came round. What nice people! Below is some of their iconic work

Word of the Week #33

Shaping Up Still

Another good review!

Fact Magazine

Wow House

This amazing house is for sale today. Its in Ipswich, Suffolk, England and proves that we can do beautiful stylish minimalism as well as anyone

Golden Knob

Phil took us to Audio Gold up the road. Its a shop that sells and repairs vintage hifi. They also put on occasional parties, and we [Wrangler] might play there later in the year. Out the back in the workshop area they have what is certainly the biggest knob I have ever seen