Monday, 9 April 2012

Acton, Baby!

Me and Big Al drove over to Acton to pick up a Dolby noise reduction unit I bought cheap on eBay. The unit is going to be connected to my Soundcraft 16 track tape machine, and will hopefully impart a certain 70s flavour to the sound, something strangely overlooked by most vintage-heads I think

It was in a really nice studio called Heart of Gold which has the same console as me (Studer 900) - the only other one I've ever seen

The Dolby rack actually came from Sarm West studio, and this means it was used on some amazing albums, I'm guessing everything from Grace Jones to Frankie Goes To Hollywood...


  1. Great posting - just love all this studio schizz :-)

  2. Ooh! Be sure to do the encoding trick! What a great sound for vocals...

  3. yes i've heard about that with the cat22 modules...