Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Random Tones

I just got a lovely Ibanez AD150 analog delay unit on the bay, its a studio version of the AD80 which I rave on about all the time. So to test it I set up an 8 step sequence on the Doepfer modular, and triggered the notes with a slow random source and layered 3 passes up, via the Ibanez. So the music below is self-generating really

UPDATE: I made a little film to accompany my music, its based on a synesthesic clip from a film I was watching last night. I filmed it on the phone and then messed around with it a bit

Sunday, 22 May 2011

My Little Putney

My friend Mike sent me a link to the marvellous Look Around You series, made by Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz
and in particular this episode on music. What he didn't realise, and what I had completely forgotten about, is that it was my EMS VCS3 Putney they used (and my Roland TR66 and little valve amp). I had forgotten about the mouse! They came round to my previous studio when I was based in Holbourn and borrowed some equipment. They even filmed a bit of the studio - I'm not sure that ever got used, maybe on the DVD extras... Anyway, the whole series is amazing and also I love the GELG music throughout

What is so amazing is that my VCS3 has taken on a life of its own as the Harrington 1200, it even gets a mention on the VCS3 wiki page. Incredibly, there is also now a VST clone of the Harrington 1200, click below for mor information

Lynch Cassette

OK, so I am still in love with Dune the movie, it never fails to amaze me, especially as everyone else seems to hate it so much (including it now seems David Lynch, although he seemed pretty happy with it at the time). I found this audio cassette of an interview with Lynch and Herbert, made just before the release of the film in 1984. I got it from egg city radio, a very cool music blog. Anyway, they talk about the film and then Lynch slopes off and Herbie goes on about sociopolitical stuff, but its still very interesting. I would love to see a proper HD directors cut of Dune, is that possible David?
Dune Cassette Part1
Dune Cassette Part2
Dune Cassette Part3
Dune Cassette Part4
Dune Cassette Part5
Dune Cassette Part6