Monday, 9 May 2011

Minimoog Concept Art

Alexei made a very interesting point in the comms to the previous post, because I had also noticed the pictures below (the first three are screen-grabs from the minimoog film) and love these space-age Minimoog design concepts. I found a few more which I have scanned from a book I've got called Vintage Synths. Google revealed one more picture from the Moog Foundation. Are there any more?


  1. these are all obviously drawn by the same hand.
    i LOVE your blog btw

  2. The pics are fascinating.I have the Vintage Synths book by Mark Vail,its like my bible!Along with Peter Forrest's "A-Z of Analogue Synthesisers"
    I used to go and swoon over the Moog modular in the basement of Turnkey in London years ago-never had the chance to play one alas..I miss that store so much!

  3. Wow, great that there's more. They look very nice, although I wonder if artist was also an engineer or musician - some of variants seem very impractical.
    Were any synths before 90's designed in the same space-age vein? Only some Yamaha organs like EX-42 or FX-1 come to mind.

  4. the moog cdx was pretty space age, probably the closest thing they made to one of these...

  5. I was really gutted when i found out that the synth in Close Encounters was an ARP 2600 encased in something to make it look futuristic!!!
    that's my only comment on these pics