Saturday, 30 April 2011

Hey Hey

Look at this amazing example of british post war modernism. I would love to live in this house, but somehow I think it would be easier to find a way of transporting this beautiful thing to be nearer to where I live than it would be for me to uproot and relocate to Yorkshire

Want 3

Its such a shame I got all my lottery numbers wrong this week, because on ebay today is a mixing desk that I would like in my studio. You might have seen my other blog which is all about recording consoles and from that you can gather that I am fairly obsessed with these things, and the Neve 8078 is regarded by many to be the best ever made. Apparently this one has been in the same studio since it was first commissioned in 1977

Want 2

Heres another synth I saw on matrixsynth, this time from craigslist. OK, I know I've already got a Moog 3C, but you can never have enough modules can you.

This is what the seller says:


Here is your once in a life time chance to own a vintage Moog Modular. If you are looking at this I probably don't need to tell you about the history of Moog and the importance these early modulars had on the impact of music. This is THE classic vintage analog synthesizer. This Moog modular is all original, and was made in 1969! All modules have close serial numbers, with matching stamped manufacture date from March 6th, 1969. It has been well preserved over the years and is in excellent shape for a 40+ year old instrument. This synth is fully functional and has recently been restored and fully serviced, including a recap, touching up the keyboard for perfect triggering, with replaced bushing for smoother action, and a cleaning of all pots and jacks. Cosmetically it is in great shape too, the only major issue is the rear a small piece of wood was cut away to tuck the keyboard cables under. You aren't likely to find another one from this year in such all original and nice condition!
Even includes the original keyboard.

Price is $35,000

Some of the modules included, all dated from March 6th, 1969, are:

901 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
901-A x2 Oscillator Controller
901-B x5 Oscillator
902 x2 Voltage Controlled Amplifier
903 White Sound Source
904-A Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter
904-B Voltage Controlled High Pass Filter
904-C Filter Coupler
905 Reverberation Unit
910 Power Supply
911 Envelope Generator
907 Fixed Filter Bank
984 Four Channel Mixer
950 Keyboard

Serious buyers only. Please reply with phone number. Cash preferred, may possibly be interested in a partial trade for other high end synthesizers (Arp 2500, 2600, EMS AKS Synthi VCS3, Buchla) or high end recording equipment (Neumann microphones, u47 u67 preamps, compressors)
See pictures below. More pictures are available per request. This synth is actually located in SF, but for a serious buyer I can deliver it to LA.
You are welcome to come test it out in person. We can ship it, but all money must clear before shipment. Skype demos are available if you are not local. I recommend that you better come hear it in person though, once you start patching and playing with this you won't want to give it up!"

Want 1

I saw this over on matrixsynth a few days ago, its a very interesting synthesiser made in the mid 70s. Its being sold as not working, and is really cheap at the moment, but the seller is in CA USA and won't ship to the UK. These pictures are from the auction, and the video is from vintagesynthexplorer, where you can read some (rather sketchy) info about it

Friday, 29 April 2011

Commercial Break

I saw a link on matrixsynth to more scans from the retro synth ads blog and I couldn't resist putting some pictures up here. So thats a blog-blog-reblog thingy

Thursday, 28 April 2011

WTF? 2

Turn it Down a Wee Bit

Dury Drumming

I've been getting into Ian Dury again recently, what a geezer (and funky too). Check out this great vintage doc on youtube: part one