Wednesday, 20 April 2011

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Me and Joe took a spin down to Margate to see the new Turner Contemporary gallery which just opened, and we met up with Dan and Nick there

Margate is a strange place, seemingly stuck in at least three different pasts if that is possible - part Victorian promenade, part Art Deco lido, part post-war / pre-easyjet holiday destination. This place is a mess! Quite why they have plonked a huge modernist contemporary art museum here with its car park overlooking the best bit of seafront is beyond me, but judging by the rest of the town's jumble of architectural disasters, I'm guessing that some unusually retarded town planning officers are to blame. In fact, this place is so bad its good!

The gallery itself is superb, but at the moment is let down by a very lacklustre show including what must be J M W Turner's worst ever painting

Anyway, I took some pics of Margate so see below my own little gallery of our day out to the seaside

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