Saturday, 23 April 2011


Saw this great picture scanned in by Chris Carter from an old Roland catalog

Reminds me of this:

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Look at this great footage of us playing Underpass at the Troxy. Thanks Tara! See also here

Blank Media World

Me and Joe took a spin down to Margate to see the new Turner Contemporary gallery which just opened, and we met up with Dan and Nick there

Margate is a strange place, seemingly stuck in at least three different pasts if that is possible - part Victorian promenade, part Art Deco lido, part post-war / pre-easyjet holiday destination. This place is a mess! Quite why they have plonked a huge modernist contemporary art museum here with its car park overlooking the best bit of seafront is beyond me, but judging by the rest of the town's jumble of architectural disasters, I'm guessing that some unusually retarded town planning officers are to blame. In fact, this place is so bad its good!

The gallery itself is superb, but at the moment is let down by a very lacklustre show including what must be J M W Turner's worst ever painting

Anyway, I took some pics of Margate so see below my own little gallery of our day out to the seaside

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I just missed this one on ebay. These are very interesting looking synths, and I have only ever seen one come up before about 10 years ago. This one was in NJ USA so would have been a complicated buy from here in the UK as the seller wanted to keep it in the US, but it went very cheap - £450. This video was made by the seller I believe, who is called fsiz. It came with an Apple IIe computer and the editing software. Damn!

Yesterdays World

I was having breakfast in my home town of Loughton yesterday and I noticed on the other side of the road this shop. I grew up in Loughton and remember when they first fitted this shopfront and I thought how incredibly futuristic it looked and how daringly space age the world had become:

Monday, 18 April 2011

Forest of Evil

So just to prove how great some of these lost library treasures are, here is a link to one of my favorite De Wolfe albums, Forest of Evil Part 2 composed by Eric Allen & Frank Reidy in 1981. As a general rule of thumb, I have found whilst searching through the huge amount of library music out there that the albums and tracks I like best are the darker and more suspenseful ones, as opposed to the lighter stuff, and the good news is that in the library music world tracks are generally given very descriptive names, such as 'forest of evil'. I only wish that the rest of the music industry would follow this trend. This album has a very dark edge, and combines acoustic and electronic instruments beautifully, so typical of its time

Here is a link to the zip

Below is track 4 from the album, March of Time

Into the Trunk

There was a great program on BBC Radio 4 this week about library music. Its made by the wonderful Johnny Trunk, he of Trunk Records, who I met in 2008 when he interviewed me on his radio show. I find it slightly troubling that there even needs to be a special program on the BBC about this subject, because in my opinion there should be a regular outlet for this huge archive of amazing music, so come on BBC, give Johnny a weekly show!

So here is the full 30 minute show, called Into The Music Library, first aired on BBC radio 4 on 12th April 2011

Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Word in Your Eye

I just discovered the work of Ken Garland

Blue Spotting

I need one of these to go in my new (old) car. Its a Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio from 1980. The good thing about this model is it has an aux in on the back (on a din plug) that can be adapted to take an ipod. It also has a connector for the electric arial