Saturday, 9 April 2011

Doepfer Noodle

To follow up the previous post, I put a patch together using that scheme. I added a filter between the mixer output and the delay [112 sampler] input which gives the delays extra 'somethings'. Everything is being modulated by the quad env/LFO and the sound source is noise and VCO into the lowpass gate, but due to the stackable jacks some interesting intermodulations evolved. Voltage control RULES

Bad Diagram But Quite Useful

As an update to this post I thought it would be useful to describe how to set up a simple digital delay on the Doepfer 112 sample module as they didn't feel it was worth putting in their user manual! Its a horrible ugly drawing sorry about that, but if I don't put it somewhere I can easily find, I will have to work it out each time I try and patch it. The key to understanding this diagram is the colour coding

Early Serge

I was browsing Ken Stone's Cat Girl Synth website because I was looking for information about trigger sources and slope detectors, and saw this lovely early Serge system that I believe he has restored (its not clear from his site where it is now...). Then I discovered a whole load of historical Serge technical data that might come in handy as I have a very early Serge that often requires pampering

Heres what he says about this system: "This Serge was assembled by Warren Burt, originally for the Center for Music Experiment at the University of California, San Diego, and was imported into Australia to be used at the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre. It was later acquired by Rainer Linz, and used in a number of performances of Stelarcs"

Heres how my system looks this morning:

Thursday, 7 April 2011

So Good

I need a studio sofa, but it has to fit in to a certain sized gap and also has to be cool. So I trawled ebay, then trawled the trendy shops round Shoreditch and came up with these. Cool sofas in Shoreditch are really expensive

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Numan Foxx Miller Maths

Picture taken on stage at the Troxy by Etienne Gilfillan

L - R = Gary Numan, John Foxx, Daniel Miller (founder of Mute Records and DJ), Serafina Steer and me

Word of the Week #10

Echoes In Rows

I received my new Moog-format delay module today. It is a VC digital unit based around the Princeton PT2399 chip, made by SSL (no not Solid State Logic but Synthetic Sound Labs). I got it on ebay direct from the man. Here is my first experiment, I plugged it in to the Dotcom power rail and set up a simple sequence using some moog oscillators, Dotcom sequencer and Cynthia lowpass gates and VOILA!


Just stumbled across the work of animation duo Sculpture, and I like. The first film here features footage of the Olympic park going up, which I find particularly interesting because I happen to drive through it every day on my way to the studio. The second film features some very stylish aliens

Olympic Sized Tantrum from Sculpture on Vimeo.

Northampton School for Girls from Sculpture on Vimeo.


Look what Sefa did to the CS5

gave it some memories...

Monday, 4 April 2011

New Haircuts

Fast forward 34 years...

We have spent the past week rehearsing for our show at the Troxy in east London, so it has been an extremely busy time, lugging huge synthesisers and electronic drum kits around, plugging in innumerable cables, learning new songs and remembering all the old ones, trying to get everything just right

The first concert I ever went to was Gary Numan in 1979 at the Hammersmith Odeon, with the whole family, and I pretty much decided that day I wanted to be a musician and play synthesisers. So it was totally incredible to be on that stage last night alongside John Foxx and Gary Numan with my friends and family out there, it seemed to me like something had gone round in a circle

Here are some clips that my friend Pete took on his phone