Monday, 4 July 2011

Sid Has Entered The Building

I have just finished a weekend session recording some new rock and roll songs by my friend Sid. Its not my usual field, rock and roll, but we did have some fun!

It meant sorting out quite a few things at the studio such as setting up the drum kit and vintage guitar and bass amps, setting up the mics (I bought some lovely new ribbons - SE R1's) and feeding them into the Studer console preamps for tracking. We wanted to capture a really open live performance so we did it (me on drums, Dave on bass and Sid on guitar) together with no headphones and 7 mics. big Al engineered

Then on Sunday Sid's backing singers arrived and we did a day of vocals. The whole thing will end up going on to tape and I am looking at it as a big experiment, to try and capture some of the sound of my favorite records

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