Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Arp

Yesterday I was playing around on the amazing Arp 2500 modular. Its a totally unique synthesiser experience! I had to get the manual out to look up the workings of the very strange 1005 Modamp. Its a Balanced Modulator, similar to a Ring Modulator, and you can do things like switch it on an off automatically. Actually you can do pretty much everything automatically on this thing, as the matrix switching is really good at routing things to multiple places, a bit like on the VCS3 but more so

The video I took is a bit rubbish, so below that are some mp3s recorded through the desk. I also sent the Arp through the Roland 201 Space Echo, which was made in the same era (early 70s)

Track one is the audio from the video, basically an FM'ed square wave being randomly played by the sequencer and S+H. The envelopes are amazing, probably the snappiest I have ever heard

Track two is the sequencer playing tones and the 1005 Modamp

Track three is similar to track one but adds a second oscillator tone

Track four uses the wonderful 1047 Filter / Resonator module, which has a great function where you can 'play' the resonating filter without needing an envelope. It gives a really beautiful percussive sound which you can play melodies on

Arp2500 sketchy1-mg by zackdagoba

Arp2500 sketchy2-mg by zackdagoba

Arp2500 sketchy3-mg by zackdagoba

Arp2500 sketchy4-mg by zackdagoba

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  1. Hi, always love to hear a 2500........i have a 2600.......maybe one day I'll find a 2500 (and have the money to buy it)

    keep it up :-)