Saturday, 2 January 2010


The seller of the Big Moog in the previous post would do well to buy this little Moog Modular system, which has got 1 hour left on the bay and is currently only £2200. It would go perfectly in the missing spaces, and also add some RA Moog era oscillators, which are different and most people agree sound better than the later ones. He could then sell the whole system for £35k!


  1. Incredible custom rack-mounted Moog Modular synthesizer. The piece was custom racked by Steve Masucci from tested modules. The ultimate in vintage synthesizers. 100% working and in very good physical condition. The unit has two 901b oscillators and a 901a controller - the 901s sound the best of all the moog modular oscillators - in my opinion. Other modules include the venerable 904a low pass filter, voltage controlled amplifier, envelope generator, noise, and mixer. The modules are in two pieces in black front panels. The synthesizer will be sold as-is due to the vintage nature of the instrument. The instrument is approximately 19" tall (by 19" wide). The modules are powered by a modern International Power Supply with a power switch and fuse added next to the mixer (the glowing red light indicates that the unit is on). The harness and power to all the modules work. There are paper tags stuck on the back of the modules: 901a Serial # 1083 JUL6 1968 R.A. Moog Co Trumansburg N.Y., 901b Serial # 1255 JUL6 1968, 901b Serial #1254 JUL6 1968, Model 902 no serial number but printed TEST STANDARD also R.A. Moog Co Trumansburg N.Y. The envelope generator is fairly new - labeled ©1996 Moog Music Inc. There is no label on the 904a or the 903 but both appear to be vintage and in excellent condition. All the modules except for the Envelope Generator read R.A. Moog on the front panel. The envelope generator reads Moog with the icon in the first o